House Bar

House Bar

For us, drinks are a passion that we love to share with all our guests. Located at the entrance of our Clubhouse, just a step away from Mizu Teppanyaki, Atlantico, Whale or Aladin restaurants, this bar is the prelude to a great night!

Liquid intelligence

Here, the art & craft of mixology brings together traditional art and ancient techniques into the 21st century. There has never been a better time or place to enjoy a fine spirit!

House Bar

House Bar

Located at the Clubhouse, at the heart of our culinary world, this bar takes you a step beyond the familiar, and is the ideal starting place to then go on and enjoy a memorable evening in any of the four Clubhouse restaurants.

Let our expert young mixologists impress you with their unique creations and elaborated flavour infusions, some of which have gone on to enter bar competitions and become signature cocktails.

  • Elegant Chic
  • Mixology bar
Opening Times:
  • 18:30 - 00:00

Dress Code:
  • Smart Casual Eveningwear
Contact Us:
  • +351 282 310 100
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  • Please note that all restaurants and bars are subject to seasonal operation. Please contact us for availability during your stay dates.

Mixology creations

House Bar: Cocktail display.
House bar: Cocktail display.
Modern alchemists

Being a mixologist is much more than meets the eye. A fusion of chemistry and art, hours upon hours of studying ingredients, with practice, experience and a little flair. Should none of the à la carte drinks seduce you, our team will surprise you with personalised recommendation.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Discover and explore a bit more!

Ancient art

House bar tile piece.
House bar tile piece.
Tile details

The tiny town of Porches is known for its beautifully handcrafted and hand painted pottery, and for reviving ancient Iberian and Moorish traditions. At our bar, sit back with a nice drink and enjoy the art around you!

Oasis Bar Bartender preparing cocktail.

Cocktail masterclass

Have you ever wanted to mix your own creations? Immerse yourself in our truly unique bar masterclasses and discover the art of cocktails, accompanied by our best mixologists and absorbing all their knowledge.