Adega Restaurant

Adega Restaurant

With authentic flavours and live music, courtesy of traditional Portuguese guitarists and Fado singers, that bolster the atmosphere at dinner, this is our traditional Portuguese restaurant. Occupying a rustic, whitewashed building and boasting a spacious sunny terrace with views over the swan lake, Adega channels the rustic romance of the Mediterranean.

A gastronomic immersion into Portugal

Enjoy the flavours of Portuguese traditions with our regional specialities from all over the country, including the islands of Madeira and Azores, and the Portuguese-influenced countries around the world.


Adega Restaurant

Located at the Piazetta, VILA VITA Parc’s characteristic and romantic piazza of Mediterranean inspiration, Adega restaurant offers an extraordinary selection of attractive and tasty weekly and daily highlights, which gives you the possibility to share delicious tapas amongst friends or to choose one of the fish or meat dishes available, inspired by traditional Portuguese gastronomy, with a modern twist, through the use of more recent products and techniques.

Complementing the attractive menu is a very complete beverage menu where it is also possible to find craft beers and Portuguese wines, with a special highlight to the wines from the Azores and Madeira.

  • Casual
  • Traditional Portuguese
Opening Times:
  • 15:00 - 22:30

Dress Code:
  • Casual
Suitable for:
  • Children of all ages
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  • Please note that all restaurants and bars are subject to seasonal operation. Please contact us or more details about reservations and operation dates.

Traditions at heart

Available lattes at Adega Restaurant.
Dinner at Adega Restaurant
Portugal, inside and out

Inside, its warm and rustic décor is an authentic portrait of a traditional restaurant, filled with small typical details from the Portuguese kitchens.

Its ample terrace overlooking the swan lake, bathed during the day by the almost constant Algarvian sun, becomes particularly charming with the live sounds of traditional Portuguese guitar players and Fado singers that give an even more pleasant atmosphere in the evening.


A picture is worth a thousand of words. Discover and explore a bit more!

Discover the cataplana

Cataplana dish available at Adega Restaurant.
Dinner at Adega Restaurant
A regional culinary classic

The unique cataplana is a true symbol of the Algarve’s culinary tradition. Named after the cookware in which it is prepared, this typically Portuguese dish is extremely versatile. The most common recipe comprises monkfish, prawns, clams, chouriço sausage and a medley of fresh vegetables, all perfectly seasoned. Try it at our Adega restaurant or challenge yourself at home with our recipe!

Fado, the soul of Portuguese music

Fado comprises of a mournful sounding solo singer accompanied by a classical Portuguese guitar. The word Fado translated into English means fate, but the powerful music style is better described as nostalgia and longing. No visit to Portugal is complete without experience this traditional and emotional style of music.