VILA VITA Spa by Sisley

VILA VITA Spa by Sisley Paris

In collaboration with the iconic French skin-care brand, Sisley Paris, our Spa is a top-level sanctuary of wellness where guests are cosseted from the stresses and strains of the outside world with a wide-ranging range of treatments, packages and massages.
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State-of-the-art Spa

Our awarded spa features a unique design inspired by the region’s enchanting sea caves, including natural stone and restful tones of blue and green to reflect the many hues of the Atlantic Ocean.

A true sanctuary

Let yourself be transported to our state-of-the-art spa, a wonderful sensorial world, with a deeply soothing ambiance and reassuringly personalised offerings - the first branded spa of Portugal in collaboration with the French skin-care brand.

VILA VITA Spa by Sisley Paris

The spa offers you a multiple choice of treatments, renowned for combining an advanced scientific approach with the finest natural ingredients, including plant extracts and essential oils, rigorously selected for their biological properties and according to their affinity with the skin, such as Sisley’s Phyto-Aromatic facial and body treatments. 

The spa comprises 14 elegant treatment rooms, all equipped with the latest Gharieni treatment beds, a bright and spacious fitness studio with floor to ceiling windows, offering both group and private sessions - including aerial yoga, power yoga, and chakra meditation- as well as the existing HYPOXI® Studio.

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Working his Ayurvedic Magic

Suraj Varma Ayurvedic Miracles

Happening daily at 10:00, between 25 September and 16 October 2021

A regular guest now for the third year, Suraj Varma’s miracle Ayurvedic therapy treatments will help alleviate stress, soothe muscular pains, put an end to insomnia or simply relax.


A picture is worth a thousand of words. Discover and explore a bit more!

The best for you

VILA VITA Spa products
Massage services provided by Vila Vita Spa
The Sisley Paris Concept & Philosphy

Sisley treatments are renowned for combining an advanced scientific approach with the finest natural ingredients, including plant extracts and essential oils that have been rigorously selected for their biological properties and according to their affinity with the skin.


Discover Sisley’s Phyto-Aromatic Treatments and let yourself be transported to a wonderful sensorial world, while taking benefit from the unique "savoir-faire" and experience of a prestigious brand best known for its use of essential oils and plant extracts.


Because estheticians are like personal trainers for your skin, let us pamper your face. Hydrating, restorative, lightening or anti-aging, are just some of the benefits we offer you.

Full body

The only place you live in is your body, so do not forget to take care of it! It can be by exfoliating it, invigorating it, just having a zen moment or modelling your curves.

An innovative method

Yesterday you said today… so let’s get the shape you are looking for! Rejuvenate with this results-oriented low-impact exercise method that will activate your body’s natural system to burn specific areas of fat and cellulite, through vacuum and compression technology and a healthy nutrition plan.

Hypoxi Studio

HYPOXI® Studio

The HYPOXI® Method combines pressure therapy and moderate fat burning activity, and promises to reduce centimetres from the waist down by targeting undesired fat deposits. It can be used to tone the skin and strengthen the connective tissues. High and low pressure is applied to improve blood flow whilst gently exercising the skin to make it firmer and more elastic.

The HYPOXI area at VILA VITA Parc resembles an astronaut training room – a minimalist gym with just four machines: a massage bed, the Dermology HDC; an exercise bicycle in a horizontal or vertical version, the Trainer L250 and the S120; and also, a treadmill, the Vacunaut.

And, the good news is that it doesn't hurt!  Try it now and achieve your goals for a great body in time for your next escape holiday!

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  • Services provided at a charge.

Eat well, live well

Our work is inspired by passion that all our guests feel welcome and included to a more natural, healthier way of life. Tailor as much of your stay towards health and beauty as you wish!

Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself, inside but also outside. If you want to shine and forget about make up, we offer you eyebrow and eyelash tinting as well as waxing for you to glimmer during your holidays.


For a complete nutrition consultation, assessment of your body composition or reassessment of your nutritional status, VILA VITA Spa by Sisley Paris is the perfect place to correct and improve your nutrition, especially when complemented with spa treatments or our HYPOXI service. 


Wellness packages themed around ‘Detox’, ‘Fitness’, ‘Relaxation’ and ‘Beauty’ may be complemented by a curated food and beverage plan adapted to each individual’s needs and requirements.

Detox Package

In our busy lives, our body, soul and mind are constantly processing food, drinks, thoughts, and emotions. Allow yourself to renew your body and spirit with our Detox programmes.

Fitness Package

Stay focused on your fitness goals while traveling. Our specialized Spa and Fitness team offers you different options to sweat away your stress and feel revitalised.

Beauty Package

Beautiful inside and outside. Enjoy our beauty rituals, relax with the best treatments, ending with a guided meditation to cleanse toxins from your mind.

Other options

Here are some other options for you to discover.

Wellness & Beauty

Wellbeing is about being comfortable with yourself, caring for your inner and spiritual beauty. Our holistic approach to wellness, place equal emphasis on body, soul and mind with nutrition, mindfulness and exercise plans.

Health Club & Gym

We know that physical exercise can do wonders for both the body and the mind! VILA VITA Parc’s Health Club promotes the fitness and health of its guests with an indoor heated pool, latest EnerGym equipment and a full team of personal trainers.

Vital Wellness

Vital is a symbol that represents our commitment to create a health and wellness concept that flows harmoniously throughout each VILA VITA Parc experience.