Surf activity

Sea Emotions

Embracing its flawless coastal surroundings, the Algarve provides you with an extensive selection of water activities that will take you both above and below the surface.
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Let the sea, set you free

As Jacques Yves Coustea once said, "the sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever”. Discover the Algarve from a different point of view and fill your dreams with colours borrowed from our sea.

Splash yourself with adventures

The sea has the power to cleanse the soul and spirit the way a bath cleanses the body. With a face full of sea air, a fist full of warm sand and a slash of salt water on your skin, you remember who you are. 

Yacht experiences provided by Vila Vita Parc

Vila Vita Yacht

There is nothing more exclusive than a day out at sea to admire the beautiful Algarve coast from a different perspective with the VILA VITA Yacht.

Our friendly Captain Santos and his crew will entertain up to 9 guests, and wait on hand to provide you with a memorable experience in every sense.

  • Brand Model

    Princess 66

  • Dimensions

    Length: 20,37 m
    Width: 5,23m

  • Max Capacity

    9 persons

Oh Captain!

Private sailing boat  at Vila Vita Parc
Yacht on Algarve coastline
Sailing off

Life is like sailing. You can catch any wind to go in any direction! The Algarve has one of the best landscapes to be discovered on board a private sailing boat.

Water sports

With its privileged costal situation this is a destination that offers you the perfect conditions for all water sports. Visit our coastline from the sea, with marvels to discover both above and below the surface!

Natural charming caves

Cave Trips available at Vila Vita Parc
Cave Trips available at Vila Vita Parc
Cave Trip

The Algarve coast is home to some of the largest and most impressive marine caves in Europe. Boat trips to famous caves such as Benagil include BBQ lunches and a guided tour – everything you need for a sea-faring day of adventure.

Duration: 1:30  |  Capacity: min. 4 / max. 9 people

Aerial view from Vila Vita Parc

Each day is Special

Each day is a blank page in the diary of your life. A day spent at VILA VITA Parc is a day well spent and a chapter worth revisiting again and again. Together we will fill your days with new and exciting experiences!

Other options

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