Fine Wines & Food Fair 2019 at Herdade dos Grous

Culinary Experiences

Food has the ability to bring people together in a way few things in this world do. It can reveal volumes about personality and culture and is one of those pleasures that people pride themselves in indulging in. Are you a foodie? Become an expert.
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Passion for food

Our love for food is infinite and our passion for cooking is our happiness. If it's yours too, then let us introduce you to our multi-sensory gastronomic experiences, and invite you to wine, dine and unwind with cuisines ranging from traditional to modern.

Discover the Wine Cellar

Located about 8 metres underground, our impressive Wine Cellar reveals an intimate and unique atmosphere. An interesting architectural detail is that some of the bricks have over 150 years and were imported from Egypt, Austria and Greece. It hosts over 11,000 wine bottles from different regions in Portugal and from all over the world.

Culinary classes

No one is born a great cook; one leans by doing! Designed for the next Home Chef, alone, in family or in group, enjoy and have fun with our hands-on recreational gastronomic experiences and head back home qualified with a proper certificate, an apron and Chef’s hat!

Pastry & bakery classes

Some people say the secret ingredient is LOVE. But what is love? It might have many interpretations, but from our side, we strongly believe love should definitely be sweet! With our pastry and bakery workshops, learn all our secrets about it!

Traditional Bread Baking

One of the most inviting smells in the world is that of warm, fresh-baked bread. Our Chef invites you to learn how to make traditional Portuguese bread.

Macaroon Lovers' Workshop

Learn the skill of macaron making. With guidance from our skilled pastry chef, you can learn a step-by-step method and leave feeling more knowledgeable and indulged.

Bar tastings & masterclasses

In our culinary world, drinks could not be excluded. Accompanied by our dedicated bartenders and mixologists team, indulge yourself in truly unique bar experiences and tastings that blend the best beverages and gourmet products from all around the globe.

Barista Brew masterclass

If the smell of coffee is your best alarm, then do not miss our Barista brew masterclass! Dedicated to all the coffee lovers and caffeine addicts alike, in our Café Bica, learn how to brew the perfect cup, while acquiring knowledge about this flavourful drink and how to bring it to the next level.

Selection dishes available at Mizu Restaurant

The Culinary World

An epicurean journey for the connoisseur of the finer things in life! Food has never been an afterthought, let us take you to our gastronomy’s soul and introduce you to our 11 restaurants, from beachside and rustic to the two Michelin-starred option.

Meanwhile have a look

Meanwhile keep an eye on the below and let us tempt you with more ideas for exciting opportunities for relaxation, education and fun. There is never a dull moment at Vila Vita Parc.