Vila Vita Team & Managing Director Kurt Gillig

Our commitment

We are committed to render excellency of service and contribute towards a sustainable development of the tourism industry. We undertake the engagement to apply appropriate measures to guarantee our guests as well as employees a sustained environment.
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Our little big family!

With an average of 500 staff, reaching above 700 in the high season, the resort is the largest employer in the local Lagoa municipality. The dedicated staff have helped win many international awards, including World’s Leading Green Resort at the World Travel Awards in 2015, an important recognition of the Vila Vita's ongoing dedication to sustainability.

A warm welcome

Doorman welcoming guests.
Kurt Gillig Managing Director
From our Managing Director, Kurt Gillig

"Above all, Vila Vita Parc is about people. I am fortunate to have a fantastic team and we have many guests from around the world who return year after year.

Like the staff, they are also now part of the Vila Vita family. Times change and we must change with the times, but the core values of what was originally created here, in 1992, are stronger than ever."

Fine Wines & Food Fair 2019: Kitchen party.

Purpose & legacy

You drive us

At Vila Vita Parc, we believe in something bigger than ourselves that is self-sustaining and for the benefit of the whole of Algarve. The essence of the experience we deliver to customers must be enriching, enlightening and memorable – to an exponential degree. What we can control – the flawless travel experience – is what we should shine at, day in and out.

It's all in the details

Atântico service
V-Life Fashion Shoot: Woman walking by the beach.
What luxury means to us

Luxury is not easy to define. Could be a state of great comfort, elegance, uniqueness or just the ability to not have to think. The word Luxury is really personal and has lots of subjective connotations.

Considering all the interpretations or expectations, at Vila Vita Parc we work hard on exceeding the possibilities taking care of each detail. We want to deliver more than just luxury, delivering memories and stories.

Like a family

Fine Wines & Food Fair 2019: Kitchen party.
Fine Wines & Food Fair 2019: Managing Director Kurt Gillig talking with staff.
Be part of our family!

All families face times when they must pull together, when they need the right leadership to survive. Vila Vita Parc always aims to keep employees healthy; maintain their morale; oversees a vast remote-working experiment; and, as a family, considers how to best support each of its members.

Meanwhile have a look

Meanwhile keep an eye out for our tips and let us tempt you with more ideas for exciting opportunities for relaxation, education and fun. There is never a dull moment at Vila Vita Parc.