30 Years Celebration Party

30 Years Celebration

30 years, 30 weeks, 30 events. VILA VITA celebrates 30 years in the art of hospitality.

We’re not just getting started

Join us this year by celebrating this milestone with us!

30 Years Celebration

Since 1992, when VILA VITA first opened its doors, the resort has blossomed into a world leading destination that is now a magnet for globetrotters and gourmet lovers from around the world. Travellers who are looking for exceptional, authentic cuisine, vibrant interiors, local community experiences to really explore the region, and to simply enjoy Portuguese hospitality at its most welcoming.

For this reason, to celebrate its 30 years, between April and November 2022, 30 weeks filled with 30 exceptional events ranging from art, culture, gastronomy, wellness and lifestyle are planned to celebrate the hotel’s continuing innovation and creative vision, qualities that have seen VILA VITA Parc transform over the past three decades into a highly respected, leading voice on the global luxury travel stage.

For information on the major milestones of the hotel’s 30 year transformation, please see here.

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    Tue, 26 Apr 2022 - Sat, 22 Oct 2022

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Full Programme

  • 30 Years Celebration: Oktoberfest.
    28 Sep - 9 Oct 2022


    This year sees also the famed VILA VITA Oktoberfest - a celebration of Munich’s renown beer fest in Algarvean style – with a great party planned in the autumn featuring the famous band that has been a part of the Biergarten’s story for the past few editions.

  • 30 Years Celebration: Suraj Varma event
    5 - 22 Oct 2022

    Suraj Varma - Ayurvedic Therapies

    Suraj Varma’s miracle Ayurvedic therapy treatments will help alleviate stress, soothe muscular pains, put an end to insomnia or simply relax.

  • 30 Years Celebration: Reach for the Stars, Asia Edition - Chef Masanori Tomikawa.
    Sat 15 Oct 2022

    Reach for the Stars, Asia Edition - Chef Masanori Tomikawa

    Japanese chef Masanori Tomikawa helms the kitchen of the one star Michelin Yamazato, at Hotel Okura Amsterdam. With decades of experience under his belt, the talented cook uses prime seasonal ingredients and top-notch culinary skill to create the perfect dining experience for his guests.

  • 30 Years Celebration: La Bela France - Vincent Maillard.
    Wed 19 Oct 2022

    La Bela France - Chef Vincent Maillard

    Marking the culmination of the celebratory events this year, Vincent Maillard from the famed Vista restaurant at Lily of the Valley Hotel in the heart of the French Riviera, joins us on this final evening of La Bela France series.



Upcoming events: Fine Wines & Food Fair dish.
Ocean Restaurant: Chef Hans Neuner platting.
Exceptional Culinary Events

For the last 30 years, the resort has been a magnet for foodies and gourmet lovers that have travelled to the Algarve to taste the flavours and experience the authentic Portuguese Art of Hospitality at the resort´s 11 restaurants and 6 bars.


Since the first edition of the Fine Wines & Food Fair was held at the resort in 2015, with the iconic Kitchen Party, the festival has welcomed more than 5 000 gourmet enthusiasts who have been indulged by around 80 outstanding renown guest chefs, partners and suppliers from more than 20 different countries, that have joined forces to contribute and provide the stage at VILA VITA Parc.

Reach for the Stars Series

Following on to the success of the previous gastronomic events held at the resort, a series of themed fine dining dinners and events under the banner ‘Reach for the Stars’ will bring together a unique constellation of Michelin Stars and renowned chefs from Portugal and all over the world. The aim, challenge and stimulus for all involved is mutual inspiration and the creation of great things together.

  • Mizu Teppanyaki Restaurant

    Reach for the Stars, Asia Edition

    Four international renown chefs who specialise in Asian cuisine are taking over the kitchen at VILA VITA Parc’s stylish Mizu Teppanyaki restaurant on four different dates.

  • Dish close-up.

    Reach for the Stars, Spain Edition

    To be announced

    Some of Spain’s Michelin Star chefs will join forces with Hans Neuner for a multiple hands dinner at Ocean Restaurant.

  • Reach For The Stars - Portugal Edition

    Reach for the Stars, Portugal Edition

    Sunday, 19 June 2022 — 19:00

    All six chefs with 2 Michelin Stars in Portugal will be cooking up a storm at Atlântico Restaurant, hosted by our own chef Hans Neuner from Ocean – also with 2 Michelin Stars, for the first time ever. A unique event with a tasting menu worth 14 stars that will exceed any foodie's dream.

  • 30 Years Celebration: Reach For The Stars - World Edition.

    Reach for the Stars, World Edition

    Tuesday, 2 August 2022 — 19:00

    Even the most discerning gourmands will delight in this exceptional concept where 10 renowned chefs around the world, all with 3 Michelin Stars, alongside top wine producers will descend on the Clubhouse at VILA VITA Parc for a memorable evening of sumptuous cuisine, an eclectic ambiance and world-class wines.

  • Ocean Chef

    Reach for the Stars, Green Edition

    The Michelin Green Star is awarded to restaurants with good sustainable practices that include ethical and environmental standards, working with sustainable producers and suppliers to avoid waste and reduce or even remove plastic and other non-recyclable materials from their supply chain.

So much more

Apart from the Reach for the Stars event series, a number of other culinary events are planned that will highlight the best of our region and the excellence of world cuisines that are so deeply engrained in our culinary philosophy.

  • Dish being assembled.

    La Bela France

    Three renowned chefs, from which two are currently based in Portugal and one in France, will create a fabulous feast at the resort’s Bela Vita Bar & Brasserie restaurant, in three different dates, to celebrate the Portugal-France connection in all its aspects.

  • 30 Years Celebration: Oktoberfest.


    Happening on multiple dates from the 28th of September to 9th of October at 17:00. On sundays, event starts at 13:00

    This year sees also the famed VILA VITA Oktoberfest - a celebration of Munich’s renown beer fest in Algarvean style – with a great party planned in the autumn featuring the famous band that has been a part of the Biergarten’s story for the past few editions.

  • Passionate about Algarve

    Passionate About Algarve

    Wednesday, 12 June 0222 — 19:00

    To pay tribute to the region VILA VITA Parc is Passionate about, the Algarve’s top chefs will combine their culinary repertoire into a series of delightful dishes for dinner at Adega restaurant.


Bela Vita Bar & Brasserie: Champagne opening at bar section
V-life: Couple outside chappel.
Our Vibe, Your Tribe

There is an energy and a vibe that is exciting and contagious when you reach your prime in your 30’s, a way of life that is transforming and redefining VILA VITA Parc’s vibe and identity.


Feel our vibe, join our tribe with these lifestyle events, designed for a curious and demanding community looking for memorable life experiences. 

  • Summer Pink Pool Party with Kiko Martins

    Summer Pink Pool Party

    Tuesday, 21 June 2022 — 18:30

    The ultimate way to kick off the summer! Make a big splash with the Summer Pink Pool Party, where everything will be pink from head to toe including the pool water, drinks and décor.

  • Fuego Latino Pool Party with chef Chakall.

    Fuego Latino

    Thursday, 21 July 2022 — 19:00

    With the Fuego Latino night, the summer comes alive with a South American inspired sizzling evening by the Clubhouse pool, with Argentinian-born chef Chakall, cooking up his grilled specialities.

  • Mr Joaquim Veras, Head Barman preparing cocktails.

    VILA VITA Social Club

    A series of events related to the bars and mixology will take place over the 30 weeks in the resort’s different outlets.

Art & Culture

Private art classes at Vila Vita Parc
Smooth Jazz Festivals available at Vila VIta Parc.
Art in the Parc

Life’s beautiful things should be celebrated!  At VILA VITA Parc, the authenticity of Portuguese hospitality is also reflected in the way we embrace local art and culture.


Art in the Parc will see the embodiment of this connection with a series of events that will take place in the spacious gardens and premises of the hotel including music concerts, temporary art exhibitions, as well as local arts & crafts.

  • Art in The Parc - Portuguese dinner and concert with Barbara Tinoco

    Art in the Parc - Bárbara Tinoco

    Sunday, 12 June 2022 — 19:00

    Enjoy a lovely glass of wine at Adega Restaurant in the company of Bárbara Tinoco, one of the most influential Portuguese artists of her generation, on an intimate and authentic musical experience.

  • Art in The Parc - Portuguese dinner and concert with Luis Trigacheiro

    Art in the Parc - Luís Trigacheiro

    Tuesday, 5 July 2022 — 19:00

    A deep musical journey brought by Luís Trigacheiro, made famous at The Voice Portugal, inspired in the roots of traditional Alentejan and Portuguese music paired with our regional gastronomic delicacies at Adega restaurant on 5 July.

  • Art in the Parc: Tiago Bettencourt.

    Art in the Parc - Tiago Bettencourt

    Tuesday, 9 August 2022 — 19:00

    Let the poetic words and timeless melodic sounds of singer-songwriter Tiago Bettencourt fill the atmosphere at Adega restaurant with authentic Portuguese soul.

  • 30 Years Celebration: Al Son de Jerez.

    Art in the Parc - “Al Son de Jerez” Flamenco Night

    Tuesday, 30 August 2022 — 19:00

    A lively Flamenco Show brought to you by "Al Son de Jerez" awaits you at Vila Vita Parc! Enjoy an authentic Spanish night at Adega Restaurant with our special set dinner menu, that includes amazing Iberian flavours.

  • Art in the Parc: António Zambujo.

    Art in the Parc - António Zambujo

    Tuesday, 6 September 2022 — 19:00

    Meet António Zambujo in a unique concert at Adega Restaurant, celebrating the flavours of our Portuguese heritage.


Fitness activities available at Vila Vita Parc
Sport activities available at Vila Vita Parc
Vital 30

Feel well, live well, be well!  As a leading spa and wellness resort, our philosophy is to make sure that all our guests feel happy and live a balanced life!  If we can contribute towards a better life not just when you are staying with us, but help take away something positive from it, then a part of our mission is fulfilled!


With the VITAL 30 events, a number of world renown visiting practitioners, motivational guest speakers in the world of wellness and sports will be joining us to assist us in this journey. 

  • Upcoming events: Kim Kosters - Pain Prevention & Management

    Kim Kosters - Pain Prevention & Management

    Every day from 11 April to 13 May 2022

    Today’s long hours on desk jobs with busy and stressful lives, body and muscle tensions build-up, can cause problems like frequent headaches, neck, back and shoulder pain – just to name a few of the physical symptoms.

  • Marta Gomes - Advanced Therapist

    Marta Gomes - Advanced Physiotherapy

    Daily from 10th of July to 17th of August at 10:00

    With a degree in Physiotherapy and a Master degree’s in Cardio-Respiratory, Marta soon turned to Traditional Chinese Medicine, seeking an integrative knowledge about the body, health and well-being. She later deepened her knowledge into Functional Nutrition and Motor Control through Pilates Method.

  • Upcoming Events: Dr. John Sanchez - Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Dr. John Sanchez - Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Daily from 4th to 30th of September at 10:00.

    Embrace the power of Traditional Chinese medicine with renowned Dr. John Sanchez’s treatment plan tailored to your own needs.

  • 30 Years Celebration: Suraj Varma event

    Suraj Varma - Ayurvedic Therapies

    Happening daily from the 5th of October at 10:00.

    Suraj Varma’s miracle Ayurvedic therapy treatments will help alleviate stress, soothe muscular pains, put an end to insomnia or simply relax.