Aladin Grill Restaurant

Aladin Grill Restaurant

Elegant grill restaurant with a distinctive Moroccan-inspired décor and an open grill kitchen taking the centre stage, focusing on prime meats and market driven seafood, alongside an award-winning wine selection.

Arabian-inspired décor in shades of blue and gold

The Arab influence, still visible today throughout the Algarve, is predominant in the interior design in shades of blue and gold of this restaurant located at the Clubhouse.

Aladin Grill Restaurant

Walking into Aladin Grill for the first time is always accompanied by a surprised look from its visitors. The Moroccan-inspired restaurant, bathed by the rays of light that hit the delicate stained-glass windows at the end of the day contributing to an even more charming and enchanting atmosphere, offers a unique and unforgettable experience.  

Fresh seafood and fish of the day, alongside premium meat cuts grilled right in front of you, make this restaurant a true favourite of our guests.

  • Fine Dining
  • Timeless grill
Opening Times:
  • Tuesday to Saturday 19:00 - 23:00

Dress Code:
  • Elegant Eveningwear
Suitable for:
  • Children 6 years and older
Contact Us:
  • Please note that all restaurants and bars are subject to seasonal operation. Please contact us or more details about reservations and operation dates.

Live cooking experience

Aladin Grill Green Pillars
Aladin Grill
Taste prime meats from our farm, lobster from the Atlantic ocean

An open plan kitchen, located in the centre of the restaurant allows guests to be first row spectators of the preparation of the dishes included in the menu, in an extraordinary live cooking show.  
Don't be misled by the décor, as the menu is based on high quality grilled fish, meat and seafood, complemented by an amazing selection of award winning wines.


A picture is worth a thousand of words. Discover and explore a bit more!

Famous flambéed crêpe suzette

Fine Wines & Food Fair 2019: Presentation of dessert.
Fine Wines & Food Fair 2019: Dessert.
All prepared before your eyes

Let us tell you the story of Henri Charpentier who, while in the kitchen, accidentally set fire to the desert he was preparing for a very special guest. The future King Edward VII of England loved the new invention and so the Crepe Suzette was born. King Edward may have missed that first fire, but we will make sure you enjoy every moment of the spectacle!

Summer nights

Enjoy the last sun rays and the amazing sunset colours accompanied by one of our signature cocktails at our Manzar Terrace. Inspiring Arabian setting with the ocean as a backdrop. Add in some music, and you'll feel you have been transported to the 1001 Arabian Nights