Wellness & Beauty

Wellness & Beauty

Well-being is about being comfortable with yourself, caring for your inner and spiritual beauty. Our holistic approach to wellness places equal emphasis on body, soul and mind with nutrition, mindfulness and exercise plans.
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Body & Mind for the soul

A 360º approach

The saying goes “Work Hard, Play Hard” but what about recharging and revitalising? Your body is your ultimate home. Care for it by pampering yourself in all senses!

A true sanctuary

VILA VITA Spa by Sisley
VILA VITA Spa by Sisley
VILA VITA Spa by Sisley Paris

Our state-of-the-art spa is a top-level sanctuary of wellness where guests are cosseted from the stresses and strains of the outside world. The spa presents a range of treatments, many of which incorporate products featuring botanical extracts and essential oils.

Serenity and balance

We can't control what goes on outside, so learn how to control what goes on your inside with our yoga and meditation classes, for adults and kids.

Yoga at VILA VITA Parc

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga, which became an UNESCO intangible cultural heritage since December 2016, can be defined as a set of practices born in India, meant to promote physical and mental wellbeing. In Sanskrit, it means “to join” or “to connect”.

Experience the different types of Yoga, such as the Hatha Yoga, the more dynamic Power Yoga, the more passive Yin Yoga, or try the new trend that promotes a feeling of lightness and happiness while relieving tension in the spine and improving blood flow, the Aerial Yoga. Every class includes meditation, as well as breathing techniques that contribute towards a body and mind detox and a deeper state of relaxation.

Besides the group classes, complimentary for our guests, there is also the possibility to book private classes that are completely adapted and personalised according to each guest’s specific needs. Private classes may be attended individually or as a couple, and may also be acquired as part of a pack of classes so that you may take full advantage of your stay at VILA VITA Parc.

  • Opening Hours:

    08:00 - 19:00

  • Minimum age:

    12 years old

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  • Some services are provided at a charge.

Health Club & Gym

Whether you want to try a few leisurely laps in our heated pool, flex your muscles with our EnerGym training equipment or take part in a fitness class (Pilates, aqua-aerobics, core stability and jogging, etc.), we have got the facilities to get you working on your fitness goals.

Time for yourself

Exclusive in the Algarve and following a stylish re-design, the La Biosthétique Hair Spa Salon at VILA VITA Parc showcases an entirely new, sophisticated, and elegant vibe.

La Biosthétique Hair Spa Salon

La Biosthétique Hair Spa Salon

La Bioestéthique brand offers you ethically created products with pure, natural ingredients, and without animal testing, and are tailor-made to every type of hair or skin. For men, premium grooming products are characterized by their modern take on classic barbershop products.

In addition to the hair treatment area, there is also a barber and male grooming section, and a manicure station. The services offered include cuts, styling, and special hair treatments for women, men and children; bridal wedding hair or styling for special occasions such as New Year or landmark birthdays; as well as deep conditioning treatments, highlights, colour and braiding.

  • Opening Hours:

    Tuesday to Saturday 15:00 to 19:00

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  • Service provided at a charge.

Indulge yourself

Accompanied by our nutritionists and a dedicated health and wellness specialists, attract what you expect, reflect what you desire, become what you respect and mirror what you admire!

V-Style Shopping Experience

Shopping is part of your holiday plan? Our fashion advisor will be delighted to accompany and guide you through the sophisticated collections of VILA VITA Parc’s boutique shopping village.

Me time

Everyone needs a little “me” time. Indulge yourself with our special experience and dedicate some time to embrace your new you and let us do your complete make over.

Meanwhile, have a look

Meanwhile keep an eye on these tips and let us tempt you with more ideas for exciting opportunities for relaxation, education and fun. There is never a dull moment at VILA VITA Parc.

Beaches & Pools

Life is simple, all you need is water and light. With seven pools, a secluded sandy beach at your doorstep and nearby Beach Club area, experience life by giving into the temptation of plunging into the deep waters and soak up that vitamin D while you enjoy the warmth of the sun on your skin.

Activities & Leisure

At VILA VITA Parc, the sky is the limit. Experiences and memories are a plenty, for the more mature and the younger guest, for the epicurean and the adventurer, for the big moments in life and the moments in-between.